Posted by: amoveahead | December 24, 2008

Catchin up, me thinks!!

Been a while since I wrote anything on here so here is a quick catch up of events…….

Erm, well nothing has happened exactly.

So onto Christmas, my son T has just discovered Christmas as he will be 3 in Jan. He loves the tree, the cards on the wall and we are waiting for him to open his presents on Christmas day, he will be so so happy.

He is car mad, or more like if he was a car he would be happier. So he has loads of Cars (The Movie) cars to open on Christmas day plus other bits and pieces. Now, on the other side of the life horizon we have K who is 14 to cope with. As funds are short as I am still with the ranks of the great unemployed we chose to just get her some small presents and some money. She is of an age where money is the main present, but I was the same at 14.

So one has decided to get motivated in the new year and try to sell some of the wetroom shower trays that we have access to, hoping that this will keep our heads above water in the current economic climate. I am going  to set myself up my office in the bedroom and hit the phone and try to sell some.

I am going to stop watching the news as that is so depressing with all the businesses going bust and people being laid off. I need to seperate myself from that and concentrate on the new business. It will succeed, I know I can sell and just need a bit of luck now.

Thats it for now, hoping 2009 will be better for us, if not then I have ran out of ideas.

Happy Christmas everyone and a good 2009.


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