Posted by: amoveahead | November 4, 2008

US Big Day

Now I do like politics but for some reason I cannot get my head round the republicans or democrats. Here we have Labour and Conservative, plus a few other head cases who think they can do a better job.I think Mickey Mouse could run the UK better than the idiots here. So don’t get me started on the Royal Family, complete wasters living on benefits.

So I hope I am right as her in doors is in bed, I hope that the Democrats get in power as I like Obama. Good luck to him. We will soon know……

Well apart from being totally cheesed off as I do not like these short days, I am a summer man, but not too hot mind you, I really enjoy the long days we have here. In Summer it does not go dark till after 10pm, to me that is bliss as I can faff around outside and do man stuff. Now I am stuck inside as it is dark outside, I feel like a prisoner; roll on Spring.

Perhaps if things improve we will make the big move across the pond to the US and I can live the life over there, plus I DO NOT want my son to be educated over here, the schools are generally crap. Unless you have a spare £20k for private school.

So hopefully Obama gets in, changes all the economy round and we can move there. Her in doors says if McCain gets in then we may not move. Please please US people vote Obama, just for me!!!!!!!


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