Posted by: amoveahead | October 26, 2008

Now OPEC Cut Off The Oil.

So what is all this about, the towel head brigade decide to cut prodution of oil. In July they were saying it was not their fault it was $150 a barrel and that it should be nearer $80 a barrel. Now they are grumbling about the money they are loosing.

Well blow me, now it is $80 a barrel they are grumbling and shutting off the taps, so in the Uk where we have the biggest taxes on petrol on the world, thanks to the Labour party who I hate more than anyone can hate anyone, it looks like the recent price drops from £1.20 a litre to 95p a litre will be reversed by the slimly little oiks with tea cloths on their heads.

As they have no tax on their petrol, petrol in Saudi Arabia is cheaper than water, they don’t care. Let them fill up a family car for over $120, rather than $4 over there, and feel the pain every time you use the thing.

I hope we can come up with an alternative soon so they can keep their oil and we can keep motoring. That will teach OPEC a lesson.



  1. Little angry are we? Tell us how you really feel. 😉

  2. You’ve every right to be angry! UK motorists are getting a raw deal true – but blame the government for that. A large percentage of the cost of petrol goes into their coffers so it’s in their interests to keep prices high.

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