Posted by: amoveahead | October 26, 2008

Doomey Gloomey

Well what a difference half a year makes. 6 months ago house were still selling, the dollar stood at $2 to the pound and we were dreaming of our big house in the US and two brand new Kia Sorrento’s on the path.

Well now houses here are not selling, ours is down by about £20,000 and the dollar rate is now about $1.60 to the pound, so thats the new cars gone and most of the house.

I think we are just going to have to sit here and wait to see what happens, will the recession be a long one, will the US have a depression-we just don’t know; but at the moment we are just making it work here and hopefully can keep the house payments up. At least we have no car payments or silly loans to pay.

I am going to try to start my plumbing business off again, so am going to get some adverts up in the local stores and as I can do wet rooms I will try to start to look into that market.

On a positave note, her in doors is ok and my children are healthy, we have a roof over our heads plus grub on the table so we are not that badly off. Petrol prices have dropped over a pound a gallon and as my Volvo is a diesel we are enjoying a few days out noe and again- if only the food here was nice instead of the crap they serve up in most pubs/restaurants.

So all in all not the best news, but I am still alive so not grumbling too much, when I wake up dead then I will grumble; so for now I will just moan about everything.

The biggest thing I crave at the moment is an In n Out Burger or a Carls Jnr Burger, Mc D or Bugger Kings ones here just do not ring my bell. So if someone can devise a way of UPSing me one I would be most gratefull.


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