Posted by: amoveahead | July 27, 2008

My Eye Surgery

For the past 6 months or so I have had cataract in my right eye, how this happened no one knows, I thought it was when our son poked me in the eye, but there is no medical proof of this.

So every day for the last 6 months or so I have gone off to work looking through a cloud in my right eye with my left eye having to compensate for this. I was living on headache tablets as I used to get bad headaches and was usually exhausted by tea time. They say it is easier being blind in one eye that to have to suffer cataract.

Well, yesterday arrived and I had my surgery in a unit that travels across the country operated by a South African company, very clean and hygienic, I felt safer with them than in a MRSA infected dirty hospital.

The operation is weird, they only use a local anaesthetic in the eye, then wheel you in the the operating theatre. They place a cover over your head and cut a hole in it for your eye, you look at this really bright white light when they clamp your eye open. The worst bit was the cut, felt like a scratch. Then they remove your old lens and insert the new one, that was basically it, only took 10 minutes.

At first my vision was slightly blurred and dark, then yesterday afternoon it slowly came back and I could see colours again, it was amazing. I got up this morning early and saw the world properly for the first time in ages. I will have to have reading glasses from now but I will have perfect distance vision, her in doors is so jealous!!!!

We are still doing the house prior to selling, it is coming together slowly, but hopefully I won’t be so tired in the evenings anymore and can do some after work :-).



  1. […] had nothing but headaches, fatigue, and has been pretty cranky. Who can blame him. Yesterday he had eye surgery. The place was pretty impressive for the NHS. A mobile facility that goes from one place to another […]

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